When you’re up levelling your social media strategy, it’s more important than ever to ensure that you’re investing your time, energy, and potentially money, in the right places. Failing to do this means that you may be wasting time on platforms where you’re going to struggle to get a return on investment.

Bear in mind, also, that the return you get from social media won’t necessarily be monetary, although in some cases it will. On some platforms you may find that you can generate direct sales but on others, the return on investment may include increased brand awareness, PR opportunities secured, more traffic to your website, subscribers added to your email list; and the list goes on.

Review your social media strategy regularly

As I talked about in this blog post, each time that your social media presence grows and evolves you will reach points where it becomes necessary to pause and take some time to review and reflect upon your social media strategy.

At those points, you may find that there are elements of your strategy that no longer serve a purpose or deliver a return and it’s time to leave those behind. There may also be some things lacking that you’re now in a position to add into the mix.

A key element of your strategy that you should take the time to review regularly is the platforms you’re using…

Are you hanging out in the right places?

As you review the social media platforms you’re using in your business, ask yourself;

  • What is my purpose on this platform?
  • Will achieving that purpose help me to achieve my overall business objectives?
  •  Am I using it to its full potential? Or do I need to learn more in order to use it to its full potential?
  •  Am I wasting time on the platform, and if so how? How can I become more efficient?

Answering these questions will light your path, giving you a clear direction to follow in order to progress your strategy.

Are there any platforms you’re ignoring or avoiding?

In the early stages of your strategy, it’s often fine to concentrate on one or two platforms where you feel most comfortable. After all, you can’t be everywhere all at once and it’s better to use a couple of platforms really well rather than spreading yourself too thin. However, as you progress and you have your primary platforms running smoothly, it’s time to reassess those platforms that you happily ignored or outright avoided in the past.

This is still not to say that you should try to be everywhere all at once, but you should carry out an honest appraisal of your strategy and address whether there are any platforms that could benefit your business but you’re not currently utilising.

If the answer is yes, but you’re not sure where to start or how to use a platform to its full potential then ask for help. You can save yourself a great deal of time and avoid mistakes by getting outside help, such as training or coaching, and it will remove the temptation to procrastinate by holding you accountable.

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