From National Margarita Day to National Hug Day, it seems that there is now an event to mark every day, week and month of the year!

Should you be mentioning National Days on social media?

It’s often these events that end up trending on social media, as people come together in a more co-ordinated way to talk about a specific event or topic.

That means that there is an opportunity for you to get involved in a conversation that is relevant and engaging to masses of people for a particular period of time.

Know the purpose behind the event

Whilst some of these days, weeks and months are just for fun, many have an underlying purpose that you may not be aware of. Awareness is often the purpose and there is often a charity or organisation behind the event. In some cases, there is also a particular theme that is being focused on for that year. For example, International Stress Awareness Day is organised by the International Stress Management Association and in 2017 the theme was centred on speaking up and speaking out about stress.

Have a purpose of your own in mind

The key to making the most of these type of events is to contribute with purpose. A quick “did you know it’s Self Care week?” isn’t going to bring you many benefits to your crowd or your business.

Instead, spend some time thinking about the conversation you want to create around self-care week, being mindful of why you’re engaging your crowd in the conversation. Could it be that they neglect their own self-care and you can offer some tips and advice to help them in this area? Or perhaps you could tackle some of the misconceptions around self-care and highlight the real benefits of making self-care a priority.

Plan your content in advance

Don’t leave it until the last minute and rely on seeing other people’s posts before creating your own. Finding out what events are coming up will allow you to choose the ones that are most relevant and plan your content in advance.

Look into which platforms are already being used in the build-up to the event, as these are likely to be the most engaged during the event. Also, find out if there are any specific hashtags being used for that event; it’s not always the obvious and using the right hashtags will allow you to reach more people and really be part of the conversation.

As well as creating and scheduling some content in advance, make a note of the events in your diary and be prepared to spend some time actively engaging with other people in real-time.

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Events are a great way to add a fresh new spin on your content and you may well find that it inspires you to take a different angle on your message which you hadn’t previously thought about.  Why not take a look at what’s coming up in the month ahead, pick just one event to focus on initially and see where it takes you!

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