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Do you have a social media strategy? Or are you kinda just winging it?

It’s so easy to throw some posts onto social media, cross your fingers and hope for the best but, more often than not, you’ll find that the results are unpredictable. Something works well for a while, people are commenting, liking, sharing, and then…nothing.

Where has everyone disappeared to?

This is where a strategy (one that you actually use!) is worth its weight in gold. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it will get you RESULTS.

  • You attract the RIGHT followers
  • Your posts will get seen by more and more people without you spending a fortune on advertising
  • You’ll stop feeling like you’re talking to a brick wall!
  • You’ll no longer feel like you’re at the mercy of algorithms
  • You’ll break the boom and bust cycle and start to get consistently good reach and increased engagement.
  • You’ll save yourself so much time and energy because you’ve already thought through your strategy, and you can now concentrate on taking action!

Let’s work together and get you on the path to success!

Don’t just take my word for it, hear what my clients have to say…

I really enjoy working with Beckie on a strategy call. We are literally “hanging out together” getting rid of any fears regarding social media. No jargon – oh, no, just plain talking in language that makes sense and means something.
Time taken for an overview of existing activity, and in-depth conversation with regard to the way forward in easy bite-sized steps. Then comes the written feedback for you to digest and finally, a follow-up call!
Incredible value for money and support from someone that shares her vast, professional knowledge in a way that is best suited to your business needs!
Tracey Baxter

The Life Laundrette

My strategy call with Beckie has been worth extremely worthwhile. I now have a clear plan of what to post and how to mix posts to appeal to different audiences.

Not only that, I now post less frequently and have increased engagement significantly, so quality over quantity wins the day. Beckie certainly is your girl if you want clarity and focus in terms of what to do about your business’s social media.

Gill Wilkinson

GMW Interiors

Working with Beckie has given me clarity and structure around my social media strategy. Our strategy call drilled down into my business needs, targets and what social media approach would best serve my business crowd. She sent me a great template that I can update and use as my plan of action, simple to follow and update. She gave me loads of useful tips and advice and helped me really focus my limited time on whats going to give me the best results. Beckie is super lovely and approachable and, most important for me, knows her stuff! So glad I booked my 1:1! Thanks Beckie.

Orielle Taylor

Orielle Taylor Coaching

What’s Included?

We’ll work together 1-2-1 for an hour over Skype to pull together a social media strategy that’s laser-focused on getting the results you’re after and is super actionable and easy for you to follow. This is not about going through the motions and creating something that gets filed away and forgotten about forever!


You’ll also get 2 weeks of email support and a 15 minute follow up call to keep you on track, iron out any kinks and make sure that nothing stands in your way.

Payment options

  • 1 Strategy Call (including email support + follow up call) for £100.00
  • New for 2018 – book 4 Strategy Calls to use over the next 12 months – Save £50 (total cost £350 – payment plan available)

All options are available at the checkout – click on the book now button to make your choice.

I contacted Beckie for help with my social media strategy for my business The Pilates Physio. My social media has been a work in progress over the last year and I felt that I had become a little bit stuck with pushing it forwards.

Beckie went through all aspects of my business extremely thoroughly and took her time to really understand and get to grips with my business. She created me an extremely detailed plan which I am still working from all the time. I can not recommend Beckie highly enough for her help with social media strategy and analytics. She is so helpful and insightful – her service is true value for money. The follow-up support was also invaluable. Many thanks for all your help Beckie.

Marie Fell

The Pilates Physio

Beckie stood out to me online as a positive, focused lady who knew the right things about the world of Social Media (specifically Facebook). I was looking for a go-to source which I trusted and who knew specific practical tools to help my business grow and stand out online. Beckie has fitted perfectly into the role I was looking for.

Following on from my strategy calls I now have a plan of action and a friendly approachable lady who can give the right pointers. I really enjoy Beckie’s Facebook live videos (which I watch over and over whilst I’m writing down the tips!) and the Accelerator has been the BEST item I have spent my advertising budget on in 2017. It has so many useful tips and ideas- it’s priceless. 

Thank you for your support and help so far – I can’t wait to share more in 2018.

Helen Pretty

Pretty Amazing Things

We recognised that we needed some support with social media, to find out how to use it to our advantage and in an effective way to further promote our business.

We found Beckie to be very easy to talk to and we felt like she listened carefully to what we needed. She helped us to formulate a plan, and explained how to use each social media outlet effectively, showing her vast knowledge and expertise on the subject. We found the session with her extremely helpful and would recommend her to anyone who is needing support in this area.

We hope to use Beckie again in the future and found the experience of working with her to be very pleasant and beneficial to our business!

Liz Harwood

Two for Joy Introductions

I had a 1:1 strategy call which was really insightful and practical. I really enjoyed working with Beckie; she is incredibly reassuring, explains things so clearly and really knows her stuff!

Beckie managed to pull out all the things I was going around in circles with and made it all make sense. Not only did it make sense but Beckie provided me with a plan that broke everything down so that I could implement it all with ease.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Beckie. She puts your mind at ease and because of her knowledge and insight she can see exactly where you might be stuck and gives you the information and tools to move forward. The plan is something that I can keep going back to and edit and use over and over again!

I have recently bought Beckie’s book which really gives you insight, inspiration and little nuggets of gold that really help with your social media and business in general.

Beckie is a social media angel in my eyes and I have thoroughly enjoyed her support and encouragement!

Kerry Chumbley

Positive Twists

I cant recommend these 1-2-1 calls with Infinity with Beckie Coupe highly enough. I had my first call with her today and we covered off so much in that hour and have already started to implement some of her suggestions. Stunned at how much you can learn and progress you can achieve in an hour – and you get a report from her and a follow-up call. This is a MUST DO really!

Karen Palmer

Flourish & Bloom

Who is Beckie Coupe?

Beckie is a social media expert, founder of Infinity and author of The Social Media Handbook for Soulful Entrepreneurs.

Having worked in social media marketing for over a decade, I am on a mission to give you the confidence and the know-how to use social media in a way that is soulful, successful and sustainable. So that you can use it to build the business of your dreams! I will help you show up, stand out and shine online 💗

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