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Social Media Marketing for Ambitious Entrepreneurs

You’ve worked hard to build your presence online and grow an engaged following but the question now is, what comes next?

How do you continue to grow your following and avoid hitting the point of stagnation? How are you going to stay on top of the latest trends and expand your presence onto new social media platforms? How can you convert more of your followers into paying customers and increase your return on investment?

If those questions strike a chord, then now is the time for you to consider teaming up with an experienced social media manager who can guide your social media strategy and help you leverage your online presence to hit your big business goals.

Social media never stands still and neither should you.

The truth is, no matter how established or successful your social media presence is right now, if you continue doing the same things you’ve always done then eventually your social media marketing will begin to stagnate. You’ll attract less new followers and find yourself trying to sell to the same bunch of people over and over again. At best you will limit your potential profits, at worst you’ll watch as others overtake you and the steady stream of new clients you once had begins to dry up.

The good news is, it needn’t be that way! 

You can continue to shine on social media, attract more and more ideal clients into your community and see your profits grow.

The social media presence that you’ve worked hard to build is now an extraordinarily valuable business asset and it’s your responsibility to protect and nurture it.

Imagine how it would feel to have a social media manager on your team who has more than a decade of experience supporting businesses just like yours to thrive online. Someone who can keep you up to date with the latest social media trends and get stuck into your analytics to tell you exactly what’s working right now and where the opportunities lie for your business to grow.

Your established platforms will thrive AND you won’t be left alone to wing it on newer platforms that you’re not quite as comfortable with. No wasting time, energy or money on platforms or strategies that aren’t going to deliver a return, you will be able to move forward on social media with confidence and purpose.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Beckie on a number of projects and I’ve also utilised her services as an affiliate within my business.

Beckie offers her outstanding social media experience and expertise in a professional yet totally approachable and friendly manner. Her no jargon, no nonsense approach really appeals to both my clients and I.

Beckie is a strategic thinker and creative content writer who effortlessly creates content that speaks to the desired target audience. She’s happy to challenge social media strategies, whilst offering guidance and support in helping clients achieve their desired outcomes.

Beckie’s commitment to continuous improvement and professional development means clients really benefit from the most up to date and forward thinking social media management skills and advice.

I would highly recommend Beckie, she’s a true professional who never fails to deliver and is a pleasure to work with.

Laura Brown

Little Social Yorkshire

Social Media Marketing Support

How It Works:

  • Your social media manager will take the time to get to know your business, understand your goals and analyse where you’re at right now.
  • A bespoke social media strategy will be developed to guide you and your team so that you’re crystal clear on where your efforts need to be focused to deliver the results you’re looking for.
  • Training will be offered if you or your team need training to fill gaps in your skills or knowledge.
  • Each month your social media manager will perform a deep dive of your social media analytics and report back on what’s working well and how your strategy needs to be tweaked and fine-tuned to deliver even better results.
  • Your social media manager will be on hand every step of the way, so if questions crop up or you feel you need a second pair of eyes on any aspect of your social media strategy then that support is at your fingertips.
  • They’ll also be there to keep you in the loop with any social media developments or marketing trends that could present new opportunities for your business.

We have worked with Infinity assisting us with digital marketing in our commercial property practice for the past six years and been very satisfied with the high level of service provided. Their technical expertise has been invaluable and their commercial acumen has without doubt helped us to generate new business that we would otherwise missed.

Andrew Idle

Andrew Idle Associates

Meet Beckie Coupe

Beckie is a social media expert, founder of Infinity and author of The Social Media Handbook for Soulful Entrepreneurs. Having worked in social media marketing for over 12 years, she has helped hundreds of business owners to gain the confidence and the know-how to use social media in a way that is soulful, successful and sustainable. So, get ready to show up, stand out and build the online business of your dreams!

Beckie is the most sparkly and amazing social media guru and I’m so grateful to be working with her. Her eyes & strategical input in my social media is absolutely priceless.

She is more than up to date when it comes to what’s working and what isn’t. Her reports are super easy to follow with amazing insights of both what is and what isn’t working and steps that you can take in order to continue to improve your social media. I am able to continue to buck the trend of declining organic reach on my Facebook page due to her input and my reach and engagement continue to grow.

I wouldn’t be without Beckie’s input and I know that it would be super easy for my platform to stagnate without her help (and stagnant is smelly and no-one wants a smelly Facebook page)! I TOTALLY recommend working with Beckie if you want to enhance your presence, get to grips with trends and strategy and really be seen on Social Media. The knock on impact? I can serve my crowd to a much higher level – I don’t need to worry about analysing the boring analytics (it’s all there and brought together in a much less confusing way) and I can concentrate on other areas of my business. Really!! Hire her now! She’s epic!

Emma Holmes

Rebels & Rockstars

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