Have you found yourself staring at a blank screen trying to come up with something to Tweet about?

It happens to the best of us, and not just on Twitter, but the 140 character limit certainly has a knack of making your creativity run and hide. What on earth can you say that has any meaning in such a short space?

Here are 10 ideas that will get you unstuck in no time at all…

1. Your blog posts

Have a look back through your old blog posts; this is your goldmine of content! You could start by sharing a few old posts that you haven’t tweeted for a while but you have even more content stashed away than you may have realised.

2. Quote yourself

Have a read through your old blogs, and your longer posts on platforms like Facebook; do any one-liners stand out to you as excellent points on their own merit? How about turning your own quotes into memes? Attach the meme to a tweet and add a sentence or two with a little more insight and you’ve effectively doubled the size of your Tweet AND positioned yourself as the expert.

3. Promote your freebie

Do you have an awesome freebie that people can sign up to? Tell people about it! A short snappy call to action with a link and an eye-catching will draw people in; the trick is to have a fantastic landing page where people can go to find out more and, of course, sign up.

4. Give people an insight into your world

What’s going on in your world? Are you attending an event? Working on a new product or service? Even writing a blog post. Snap a picture and tweet it! Behind the scenes snapshots are a great way to add personality to your brand and when you become a real person to your followers it is much easier to build the know, like, trust factor.

5. Run a poll

Did you know that you can run a multiple choice poll on Twitter? This makes it super easy for your followers to engage with you as all they have to do is tick their answer, and the results can attract even more interest to your Tweet. You could ask a fun question as an icebreaker or ask something specifically related to your field to help you get to know your followers.

6. Retweet and add your own comment

Retweeting is the fastest way for you to share more content with your followers, but if you simply retweet and don’t say anything of your own then it adds little value. Twitter allows you to add a comment to your retweet (you get 140 characters, as with a normal tweet) which is a great way to share fab content as well as your own insight.

7. News from your industry

The key here is to keep it relevant! Avoid sharing over technical or in-depth features that are going to leave your audience feeling confused or overwhelmed. Remember, this is about helping them, not just sharing anything that is linked to your industry.

My top tip is instead of just tweeting the headline and a link, use the space in your Tweet to signpost your followers to the important points of the link you’re sharing or to explain to them what the key takeaway is.

8. Reach out to your contacts

I say this A LOT, but it never hurts to say it again! Social media is all about engagement. So far the content ideas on this list have all been about you broadcasting a message, but connecting with other users should absolutely part of your content mix as well.

How about tweeting at a new contact to tell them how great it was to meet them recently? Or let someone know about an event you’re attending and invite them to join you? You could even let someone know that you think they’re doing a great job and you love their work. It’s all about building relationships and being a real person, not a Twitter bot.

9. Reply to other people’s Tweets

In that same vein, set aside some time each day, even if it’s just 5 minutes, (…take it from your Facebook scrolling time if you must!) to flick through your Twitter feed, or even better have a look at your Twitter Lists if you have them set up, and reply to a few Tweets if you can; remember this is all about relationship building!

10. Recommend others!

The cherry on top of your relationship building Tweets is to help your followers find other great people to follow; Follow Friday #ff is a great excuse to do this! It may sound like you’re not going to get anything out of it but actually, it’s fab for your relationships with the people you recommend AND you might even find that these type of tweets and some of your most engaged with.

I hope that by now you’re brimming with ideas and that your Tweet drought is well and truly over! But remember, you don’t have to try everything at once; feel free to pick out one or two ideas that have inspired you and build up your activity from there.

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