Guest blog by Emma Holmes

I wobble on about it all the time, and I’m guessing that as you’re reading Beckie’s blog that you’ve heard her talk about it from time to time too ~ engagement is key when it comes to your social media. This is never truer than at times where you are seeking to promote your online course/program(me) or masterclass.

It’s hugely important that your crowd are listening to you, talking to you and invested in being part of your community.

I’m often asked if you need to have a certain size crowd to really capitalise on your launch and the answer is NO, it’s all about engagement and having people invested in your message. It’s much more profitable to have 100 people who are interested in what you do than 100,000 ambivalent fans.

So I wanna take you through some strategies you can use in your social media that will massively help you to promote your online course;

1.  Promotion & Stealth Selling
There’s a place for both!! So many people fall into stealth selling on social media ~ they bury their sales message under a tonne of other words in the hope that it doesn’t appear salesy.
I’m all for value-based selling and providing people with a whole stack of value and then telling them how they can get even more of your awesome BUT it needs to be blended with very obvious “I Have This You Can Buy” kinda content. People are extremely busy and they often don’t have time to dig deep and find your sales message in amongst a whole tonne of other words.

2. Think About Your Posting Modalities
Lots of people are happy to pop a little promo video together for what they have for sale but never ever write a text post about it. Some people will write a whole load of text posts but never record a video.

Some people are video watchers – some people aren’t.

Some people will invest time in reading a lengthy post. Some people won’t.

Make sure you are delivering your message in different formats.

3. Think About The Pre-Launch
Make sure that you start to share information/advice/blog posts etc that are relevant to the particular niche within your niche that are most likely to buy your online program(me). What does that even mean? Think about the ideal client/raving fan that’s most like to buy this offering. Brainstorm around their stuck points and their goals and visions, think about where they are getting in their own way right now and make sure that your content is geared towards these people even before you launch. If they get some little wins or epiphanies along the way they are much more likely to invest in your program(me).

4. Pre-Launch Buzz
Sowing the seeds that you have something exciting coming is a fantastic addition to your launch. Raise anticipation and let people know that you have something VERY EXCITING coming their way REALLY SOON.

5. Pre-Launch Competition
The pre-launch phase is an absolutely fab time (imminently before launch) to run a competition for a place on your programme. This means that the competition can have a winner before you start promoting (meaning that people aren’t hanging on to see if they are the winner winner chicken dinner) and gives a huge level of exposure to your program(me) even before you hit GO!! You could also offer the other contestants a little special offer if they didn’t win.

6. Share A Relevant “Lead-In” Freebie 
This might be an element of the course or it might be a freebie that is super relevant to that niche that’s most likely to buy. It could be a limited availability free resource which will allow you to gain traction and momentum AND a HUGE sense of urgency for people to sign up quickly. You will then have these people happily experiencing the way you work (trying before they buy) and they will be on your list for you to market to further.

7. Cross-Pollination
Can you bring together a tribe of gorgeous people around you who are willing to interview you/share your message to their audience too? I have worked with lots of gorgeous Rockstars who have effectively done a Promotional Tour and added stacks of value to other people’s crowds in exchange for a little promotion. Be interviewed, write a guest blog, curate a post for their platform!

A cross-pollination sales team is ACE.

8. Offer a Social Special
It might be that you offer a special deal to your social followers, it might be that you add a special bonus for them. Consider this one carefully as it might feel that you don’t want to restrict these things to your social followers as it may feel unfair to the rest of your crowd.

9. Showcase Your Awesome
Teach directly on the platform ~ another “try before you buy” element but jumping on a Facebook live and teaching your thang or showing up and giving hints and tips works a treat.

10. Host a Q&A
People might have questions about your program(me). Why not host a Q&A session. You could take a note of the frequently asked questions to get things started and then allow people to chip in with their own additional questions along the way.

Brainstorm through all of your ideas and bring together a promotion schedule which is focused but fluid. This will help to see you through the busy launch period!

I hope that’s got some ideas flowing for you


Big Love Emma






Emma Homes - Rebels & Rockstars

Emma Holmes is the Proud Owner and Founder of Rebels & Rockstars: a place where business growth is the aim but growing that business in the right way for you.  Fusing together business, launch and growth strategies with mindset, belief and confidence to make a potent mix of awesome.

Helping online entrepreneurs to build ridiculously big businesses is her vocation, and she still pinches herself sometimes, that this is actually her job. (She used to be a lawyer who loved living in corporate land, but when mummy guilt arrived, she challenged herself to a new adventure.)

Emma’s also an outsource cheerleader, and a spiritual but practical kind of soul. And she is definitely not scared of a challenge. (She set herself the biggest challenge of her self-employed life in 2015 – to grow a £100k online business without using the ‘tried-and-tested icky sales techniques’ that £100k biz owners usually resorted to.)

Her 2015 success story has since been put to good use (many times), and Emma is positively thrilled to have helped her clients with some pretty amazing online launches – 18k income in one day, launches of £54k+ in sales, and a 30K in 30 days project are just a tiny snapshot of her clients’ achievements.

But what makes Emma beyond ordinary is that she has her own interpretation of business success, and it isn’t about totting up your bank balance.  She knows real, long-lasting business success is about creating a sustainable business you love, which grows naturally, fits around your lifestyle and family, and enables your authenticity, and sparkly personality to shine.

As well as being a real-life human blogging machine, Emma has also been featured on That’s Manchester TV and BBC Radio. She’s written for Business Rocks, Freelance Parenting, Fresh Business Thinking, Talented Ladies Club, and MeMeMe.

In a nutshell, she’s proud to be a square peg who doesn’t care about round holes and fitting in boxes. And she encourages her clients to do the same.

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