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1-2-1 Social Media Support

Isn’t it about time you got the results you deserve from your social media marketing?

You’ve built your social media community from the ground up, working hard to get noticed and to attract a crowd of your raving fans. But, what once felt like an exciting challenge has begun to feel like a hard slog.

The glory days of being able to build up a following and get your posts in front of the right eyes with ease and enjoyment are long gone. You now spend more of your time trying to navigate algorithm updates and battling ever-declining organic reach, leaving you with less time to create stand-out content that sells.

On top of it all, social media has become so crowded that the deafening din of the masses is drowning you out. You persevere, you pour time and energy into coming up with a fresh and exciting spin to put on your posts…and then you see it copied here, there and everywhere!

It’s not just frustrating, it’s utterly draining and it squashes your creativity. You are stuck in a vicious cycle.

Nevertheless, you’re not ready to throw in the towel, although it may seem tempting at times. Social media is still a mighty powerful tool but it’s time to find a better way of using it to grow your business.

Ready To Make A Change?

I spend my days working with entrepreneurs just like you to help them use social media creatively and with purpose, so that they can gain an edge over the noisy masses and achieve extraordinary results. Together we will make sure you get the best possible return on the investment you’re making into social media.

  • Imagine how it would feel if you no longer had the frustration of pouring more time, effort and energy into social media for less and less return.
  • What if you could watch your community thrive and focus your precious time and energy on connecting with and nurturing your raving fans instead of worrying about reach and algorithms?
  • How would it feel to make confident decisions about where to invest your time on social media and what aspects to outsource to your team, so that you get the best possible return on investment?
  • And what if you knew exactly what needed to be done for you to get every ounce of value from the content that you create?

I will help you cut through the noise and nonsense and make sense of all the latest social media updates and algorithm changes. I will tell you exactly what you need to know AND, most importantly, what you need to do to keep your social media strategy soaring.  I will open your eyes to the marketing opportunities that are passing you by and guide you every step of the way so that you can seize those opportunities and run with them. I will help you increase your return on investment by teaching you how to turn more of your followers into paying customers.

Your time is too precious to waste on strategies, fads and hacks that aren’t going to pay off for your business. We will work together to make sure that every minute that you spend on social media for your business COUNTS and that you get the return on investment that your hard work deserves.

How It Works

We will work together 1-2-1 each month to review your social media results, plan your next steps and put them into action. This is an ongoing process at a cost of £197 per month – you are not tied into a contract and you can cancel by giving 30 days notice.

Social Media Strategy

We will work together closely to develop a sustainable and successful social media strategy for your business. No more guessing or hoping for the best, you will know exactly what you need to be doing on social media to reach more people and convert more followers into paying customers.

Analytics + Action

Each month I will do a deep dive into your social media analytics and report back to you on what’s working and where there are opportunities for you to improve upon your strategy. You’ll be given clear recommendations to guide your social media activity in the month ahead, taking all the guess work and wasted time out of the equation.

Help & Support

I will be on hand to help and support you through your own personal Milanote board. You can ask for feedback on specific posts, content ideas, reviews of your social media pages and answers to any questions that crop up throughout the month. There is absolutely no staying stuck and not knowing what to post or where and when to post it!

Hear what my client’s have to say…

Beckie is the most sparkly and amazing social media guru and I’m so grateful to be working with her. Her eyes & strategical input in my social media is absolutely priceless. She is more than up to date when it comes to what’s working and what isn’t. Her reports are super easy to follow with amazing insights of both what is and what isn’t working and steps that you can take in order to continue to improve your social media. I am able to continue to buck the trend of declining organic reach on my Facebook page due to her input and my reach and engagement continues to grow. I wouldn’t be without Beckie’s input and I know that it would be super easy for my platform to stagnate without her help (and stagnant is smelly and no-one wants a smelly Facebook page)! I TOTALLY recommend working with Beckie if you want to enhance your presence, get to grips with trends and strategy and really be seen on Social Media. The knock on impact? I can serve my crowd to a much higher level – I don’t need to worry about analysing the boring analytics (it’s all there and brought together in a much less confusing way) and I can concentrate on other areas of my business. Really!! Hire her now! She’s epic!

Emma Holmes

Rebels & Rockstars

In the last year Beckie has helped me completely revamp my social media strategy and the results speak for themselves; more followers, more enquiries, more leads and more custom! I couldn’t ask for more! She has been on hand to answer any questions or worries every step of the way and fully understands my business and my needs. Not only has she helped me creatively but practically showing me how to become more efficient which is a necessity for every small business owner! Thank you Beckie!

Helen Tomlinson

Dance Fit with Helen

I’ve known Beckie for a number of years now and working with her was on my wishlist for quite a while. When I was able I signed right up and never looked back. 
I wasn’t sure what I was asking for or what I would get but Beckie was able to ask the right questions and her solutions were spot on. She has enabled me to grow my Facebook page and have a consistent theme of posts and engagement which I was really happy with. Her check-ins always produced a to-do list for me (or should I say ‘my right-hand person’) and these were followed and incorporated into my whole digital online strategy.
It’s been great to work with Beckie as she listens and understands and points me in the right direction. The lady delivers.
Michelle Poole

Virtual Hand

Is this right for you?

You must be prepared to take action! This is all about taking a proactive approach to social media, with your very own social media expert on hand to help and support you every step of the way. You will achieve exceptional results if you’re willing to accept the challenge and get stuck in.

That’s not to say you’ll have to spend more time working on your social media. With my guidance, you will learn how to invest your time, effort and energy into social media more effectively. But you must be willing to make that investment. If you’re not ready to prioritize social media within your business, then you won’t get the best possible results from this process.

My promise to you is that I will always place the utmost value on the precious time, energy and money that you are investing into your social media marketing and my priority is to ensure that you see a return.

Who Is Beckie Coupe?

Beckie is a social media expert and author of The Social Media Handbook for Soulful Entrepreneurs. She works with business owners all over the world to help them grow their businesses using the power of social media.

Having worked in social media marketing for over a decade, I am on a mission to give you the confidence and the know-how to use social media in a way that is soulful, successful and sustainable. So that you can use it to build the business of your dreams! I will help you show up, stand out and shine online 💗

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