What if I told you that you could instantly raise your game on Twitter, and create a bigger and more engaged audience in the process, simply by spending 10 – 15 minutes of your day (max!!) being social?

Here’s how you can do exactly that…

1. Spend more time engaging with potential customers

Proactively engaging with other users on Twitter will help you to meet people, attract new followers and, most importantly, build meaningful relationships.

This doesn’t have to be a huge time commitment; start by taking just 5-10 minutes of your day to flick through the newsfeed and check in on your Twitter Lists. Look for opportunities to reply to tweets, as this is a great way to start a conversation.

2. Become a leader rather than a follower

Don’t limit yourself to interacting only with potential customers. Mingling on Twitter with industry magazines, blogs and even other experts in your field puts your name up there amongst the best and can help you to gain more recognition.

For example, when there’s breaking news that effects your industry don’t just report it to your followers, make yourself part of the reporting. What does the news actually mean to your crowd? What effect will it have? What do they need to do next? Perhaps there’s even a debate happening on Twitter amongst other industry professionals, do you have a unique perspective you can add to that conversation?

3. Add your own insight to retweets

The same applies when it comes to retweeting. Retweeting is a great way to share relevant and useful content with your followers, but if you’re just hitting the retweet button every time then all you’re really doing is publicising other people’s content. Your followers will end up remembering the users you retweeted, rather than you.

Twitter has a great feature that allows you to add your own comment to a retweet, so rather than simply sharing the tweet take a few minutes longer to add your own opinion to the retweet. For example, you could tell your followers why you agree with the tweet (or not) and why they should take a look for themselves.

Your time is precious and I know that it often feels like a battle to find enough time to show up and stand out on social media. That doesn’t mean that you have to cut corners, however. It’s all about taking small but consistent steps, like the ones I’ve shown you above, to grow your online presence, day in, day out.

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