Whether you’re just starting out with marketing your business on social media, or you’ve been using social media for some time now, you well may be making one of these common social media mistakes without even realising it (you won’t be alone, so don’t beat yourself up!)

Don’t panic if any of these social media mistakes ring a bell – I’m going to explain exactly how to fix them!

1. Not optimising your social media pages and profiles

You may well have heard about the importance of optimising your website to improve the chances of it being found in search results (search engine optimisation) but what many people don’t realise is that it’s also important to optimise your social media pages and profiles.

Completing all the relevant fields in your about sections or biographies with key information about your business will make it easier for people to find you on social media, which makes it easier to attract new followers!

2. Not using your biographies on social media to connect with your ideal clients

So often I see biographies on social media that are so focused on explaining what the business does they miss the opportunity to create a meaningful connection with the people they actually want to buy from them.  Focus on writing something that will truly resonate with your ideal client and let them know that they are in the right place.

The big question to answer is simple; who are your ideal clients and what are you here to help and support them with?

If you’re not sure who your ideal clients are, or what that even means, then this blog post will help:  Do You Know Who Your Ideal Clients Are?

3. Hiding behind a logo

As they say, ‘people buy from people’ and nowhere is this truer than on social media.

Gone are the days where you could stick up a logo up as your profile picture and hide behind your brand.  Particularly on social media, people expect to see the person or people behind the brand.  It’s all about forging relationships and building the know, like and trust factor.  Even big corporate brands do what they can to add the human touch to their social media presence.

Learn more about the know, like and trust factor, and find out how to start building it in >> this blog post <<

4. Not posting enough, or posting too much!

Particularly when first starting out, people often swing one way or another; either they’re not posting enough or they’re posting too much.You do need to make sure that you’re posting often enough to build a relationship with your audience. Posting once a week won’t get you very far at all.

And, providing that everything you post is high-quality, you shouldn’t need to worry about posting too often. Opt for quality over quantity but be sure that you’re showing up consistently on social media.

5. Not making the most of different types of content

Different people like to consume information in different ways.In fact, even individuals have different preferences depending on how they feel or what’s going on for them at any given moment.

If you rule out a certain type of content then you could be missing opportunities to connect with your crowd.

Over the years there have been lots of “golden rules” bandied about as to what type of content you should and should not post on social media – often in an effort to please the algorithm. For a long time, it was said that every post should include an image, now you might hear that most of what you post should be video. In fact, what you need is a balanced content mix. It may well be that you post more video than links if that’s what works best for your crowd, for example, but do make use of every different type of content. That way, you will be more likely to reach more people and make more of an impact.

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