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As a business owner, social media can often feel like a time drain. A task that feels like it is never complete and always demanding more of your precious energy, time and resources.

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering whether there’s a better, more efficient to take care of your social media marketing you’ll be pleased to know, there probably is.

In this blog I’m going to share with you 5 ways that you can streamline your social media marketing so that it stops being quite such a hungry beast in your business.

1. Make it a team effort

You don’t have to take sole responsibility for your social media marketing. In fact, as a business owner with many other demands on your time it may be smart for you to delegate some aspects of your social media.

If you have a team around you then you may be able to delegate some social media-related tasks to your colleagues or employees.

If you are a solo-entrepreneur, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go it alone. You could consider outsourcing some elements to a social media manager, copywriter, designer or virtual assistant, depending on the type of support you would benefit most from.

Not only can outsourcing or delegating make your social media process more efficient, it can also bring with it an injection of fresh ideas and creativity. Never underestimate the power of getting a second pair of eyes on your marketing!

2. Develop a routine

Whether you are able to work as a team or social media rests entirely on your shoulders, developing a routine will streamline your social media process and make it much more efficient.

Now I know lots of people resist this one, often thinking it’s quicker to manage social media on the fly, popping a post out when you have 5 minutes to spare. I’ve been working with social media for 13 years now, I’ve worked with hundreds of different businesses and I’ve tried and tested countless different ways of working so please believe me when I tell you it’s not quicker or easier to manage social media that way!

It’s much more efficient to have time dedicated in your schedule to manage your social media marketing. Having said that, you can absolutely divide up the tasks that need to happen to keep your social media strategy moving forward. That might include time slots for;


Brainstorming content ideas
Writing social media posts
  • Creating images
  • Updating your content library
  • Recording videos
Scheduling posts
  • Responding to comments and messages on social media
  • Reviewing your social media analytics
Updating your social media strategy

The above list might also come in handy if you are considering which elements you could delegate or outsource.

Sure up your systems

There are many different tools and systems on the market that make it much easier to organise and streamline your social media marketing


There are lots of fancy (and expensive) tools out there, but also plenty of affordable and effective solutions. You don’t have to pay a leg and an arm for social media tools. Before you sign up, consider whether you need all the features you are paying for. It might be that there’s a cheaper plan that will be sufficient for what you actually need or there may be another tool, with a smaller price tag, that will do exactly what you need it to.

My personal recommendations (and the tools that I use in my job as a social media manager) are:

  • ContentCal – content planning and post scheduling, also has great features for team working.
  • Planoly – planning and scheduling Instagram posts.
  • Canva – create graphics with ease.
  • Milanote – great for planning content and managing your strategy.
  • Trello – create a content library, where you can save all of the posts you create and easily search past content.

Re-use content

The next two points are two of the most effective steps you can take to streamline your social media!

In point #2 I mentioned Trello, which I highly recommend for saving every post you create because it creates a simple content library that you can refer back to in the future.

There is absolutely no need to recreate the wheel every time you create content for marketing purposes. A few things to keep in mind;


If you’ve posted something on social media in the past, only a small proportion of your followers will have seen it because of the way social media algorithms work.
  • Even those who saw it the first time will likely have forgotten about it if some time has passed.

In the intervening period, you will have attracted new followers who have never seen your past posts.
  • All of these things mean that it’s not just OK to re-use content, it’s actually important that you do so.

Re-purpose content

With all of those points in mind, the other important thing to remember is; there is always more than one way to talk about the same thing.  

In fact, most people need to hear a message multiple times and in different ways before it really sinks in.

So when you’re looking back at content you’ve used in the past, also think about how you could re-purpose that and create new content around the same message.

For example, this blog post could become a video in which I talk through each of the points. I could also create 5 standalone social media posts – one around each of the steps I’ve written here. I could create an infographic that illustrates the steps. I could record a podcast episode. I could talk about these steps on Instagram Stories and then add those tips to a Story Highlight. I could even create new blog posts for each of the 5 steps briefly outlined here, going into more detail. There are so many possibilities!

Start with your message and then think about the many different ways you could talk about that same topic. It will help your crowd better understand the message, it will help you reach more people and it will relieve some of the pressure of trying to think of new ideas all the time.