“How do I get people to engage with my business?” This is hands down the #1 question I get asked about social media marketing.

Engagement means that your audience is sitting up and taking notice of your posts. It means that you have the opportunity to get to know them and connect with them in a meaningful way. Getting engagement on social media will help you to reach more people. And it’s also the key to turning passionate fans into paying customers.

The good news is that engagement needn’t be an uphill battle! Here are 6 strategies you can put into action right now to spark engagement on your social media pages.

  1. Ask a question 

    Start by breaking the ice! Rather than going straight in with deep questions about your followers’ hopes and dreams, start simple and ask light-hearted questions which will get them talking.  Tea or coffee?  Ebook or a real book?  Netflix recommendations?  Facebook or Instagram?  They may seem like frivolous questions and, well, they kinda are, but these kind of questions are great for breaking the ice and getting some conversation going.

  2. Use gifs! 

    An even simpler way to break the ice is to ask your crowd a question and invite them to answer with a gif.  Gifs are super fun but you’ll also be surprised at the conversations that can stem from a simple gif in the comments!

  3. Encourage your followers to share 

    One of the BIG reasons why people to flock to social media is their desire to share what’s going on in their world with other people.  Give your followers the opportunity to share; it’s a great way to get them to open up and it helps you to get to know them better – win, win! For example, you could ask them to share a photo of their desk, the view from their window, what’s on their playlist this week, a link to their Facebook Page, their most recent blog post, something they have on sale…

  4. Ask your followers what they need help with 

    As your crowd begin to get to know, like and trust you more, they may become more willing to open up.  This is a fantastic opportunity for you to get to know them better and start using their input to shape the content that you create.  Ask them what they’re struggling with, what help do they want and what do they want to learn more about from.  You could also ask about their preferences, for example, how do they prefer to keep in contact with you?

  5. Run a competition 

    Competitions are a fantastic way to spark engagement, create buzz and excitement around your product or service and even encourage your followers to spread the word!Running a successful social media competition takes a little bit of planning and it’s super important that you’re aware of any rules regarding competitions and promotions on your chosen platform.  You can find handy guides to running both Facebook competitions and Instagram competitions here on the Infinity blog.

  6. Go live 

    Going live is a great way to spark engagement as it gives your followers an opportunity to interact with you in real time.  Most mainstream social media platforms now offer live broadcasting, in one form or another, and some even offer additional features to enhance your engagement. For example, on Instagram Live you can invite selected viewers to join you on the live video broadcast.

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