I’m an out-and-out Pinterest addict but, within the social media strategy for my business, it has always been a secondary platform.  Whilst that is an intentional decision, based upon my objectives and the resources I have for social media, I recognized that I wasn’t being anywhere near consistent enough in my activity on Pinterest.  As a result, my growth and reach stagnated and if I had continued this way than any time spent on Pinterest would effectively be a waste.

So I decided to completely revamp my Pinterest account, and I’m going to share with you how I did this step-by-step and the difference it has made so far.

My Pinterest Strategy before:

My pins were primarily images from my blog with a blog link attached to each pin, along with the occasional meme or top tip. I was posting sporadically; either when my blog posts went live or in a batch a few weeks later.

My new Pinterest strategy:

I decided I wanted to start with a fresh slate so I deleted all of my existing boards and all of my pins. That might seem drastic but I knew that my pins weren’t serving a purpose and I wanted to make sure that everything on there from now on was in line with my strategy.

Of course, all of that deleted content was saved elsewhere so it is not lost forever and I am now in the process of reloading it to my Pinterest account.

I then created brand new boards, ensuring that each board had a clear purpose and linked into the categories I use for my social media posts and blog posts.

Strategic scheduling for Pinterest

One of the main reasons why my activity on Pinterest had been sporadic and, therefore, ineffective, was because I wasn’t making use of any scheduling tool. Instead, I was relying on being able to grab a few minutes here and there to manually post content.

As with all of these things, there are lots of different recommendations for how often you should be posting to Pinterest, which can range from 3 to 30 pins a day! I wasn’t pinning anywhere near that much on a daily basis, and there’s no way I could post more frequently and consistently without finding a scheduling tool.

That’s where Tailwind came in. I LOVE this tool! It is really easy to use and has so many features that help you raise your game on Pinterest.

My first step was to set up my posting scheduling, based on Tailwind’s suggestions for times and days. I continue to review, tweak and add to my scheduling as my strategy progresses.

I was then able to bulk upload all of the content I had to share on Pinterest, where it became draft pins. This was a huge time saver and made it much easier to start sorting through the masses of content I had to feed into Pinterest. I was then able to work through the draft content, adding descriptions and URLs.

One thing I hadn’t done previously was sharing the same pin on more than one board. Tailwind has a great feature that makes this much easier; you can set up board lists that contain a group of boards, for example, I have one for Facebook Blog Posts which includes my boards for Facebook tips, social media, and blog posts. I can now schedule a Pin to go to all of those boards by selecting just the one list, and then setting an interval of a few days or weeks in between the Pins to space the content out.

I’ve also made us of the Tailwind browser extension for Chrome. Now, if I’m browsing Pinterest (dangerous I know!) or any other site for that matter, and I see something that I would love to repin I can either add it to my queue right then and there or I can save it as a draft for later.

The results so far…

The changes I’ve made to my Pinterest strategy have actually been really straightforward to implement since I’ve made use of Tailwind – it would likely be unmanageable without the help of a scheduling tool.

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There are still further changes that I would like to make to evolve my Pinterest strategy so I am really only scratching the surface at this stage, but already I have seen an increase in repins, increased reach and more traffic to my website!

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*There are affiliate links in this post to Tailwind. I only recommend products that I adore and Tailwind is one that I am loving using in my business right now!

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