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Okay, Okay, I may be reaching a little bit with this title; however, if you hang in with me for a moment, you will see what I am trying to get at. 
Running your social media for your business is a busy job, and I regularly find myself down the rabbit hole of a social media newsfeed when I should be working or struggling to curate an impressive social media post when I’m overtired or not feeling very inspired. It happens to all of us at some point no matter how well ahead we plan……don’t you agree?
The opposite of working in this way is disconnecting. And that means switching off from technology, not scrolling down your social media newsfeed in bed when you should be sleeping and fighting the urge to ‘just check’ if anyone commented on your last post!
How do you then find a balance between being online in your business and taking time out to recharge and reset? And does disconnecting actually help your business social media?
Well, my answer to this is Mandala art…….and before I lose you because you assume that you need to be an artist to create mandala art, give me a chance to explain. 

What is Mandala Art?

Here’s an example of some of my own Mandala art. Looks complicated right? Wrong! It’s actually much easier to do than you might think.  

Magikal Creatrix Manela Art


The word Mandala comes from an ancient Sanskrit word which loosely translates to ‘circle’. 
The Tibetan Buddhists describe a Mandala as “An integrated structure organised around a unifying centre” and in this tradition, the Mandala is used to assist spiritual meditation and is considered to be a diagram of the cosmos. However, Mandala art isn’t just limited to one faith or belief system. It turns up all over the globe all through time and within many different cultures.
Mandalas have been associated with Hindu, Tibetan and Buddhist artwork. You will also see the influence in the rose windows of Gothic cathedrals, Native American dream catchers, labyrinths, aboriginal art and Aztec sunstones.
The Native Americans use the sacred circle shape as part of their ceremonial practices and rituals as well as in their dancing with the fire being the central point. The Mandala is also seen as a shield of protection, the Medicine Wheel and Dream Catches. And The Navajo also create sand Mandalas in sacred rituals similar to those of the Tibetan Monks.
During the early 20th Century, Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung noticed that the making of mandala art in many cultures was used to assist healing. And in his book, Man and His Symbols (1968) he focused on how creating art in this way could “restore a previously existing order.”

The Structure

A mandala is a design which radiates outward from a central point surrounded by other repeating and symmetrical shapes, colours and design elements. This structure is what gives it a meditative effect as the repetition of the design slows the mind allowing thoughts to collect in a more ordered manner. 

The benefits of Mandala Art

Creating Mandalas has actually been proven to have a lot of health and wellbeing benefits. 

Here’s a list of some of them: 

  • Slow your mind
  • Quiet your thoughts and emotions
  • Help you feel calmer and more in control 
  • Vaise your mood and vibration
  • Make meditation easier or be used as a mediation alternative
  • Reduce stress and lower blood pressure
  • Generate good health and well-being
  • Allow you to ground and centre yourself
  • Increase concentration and focus in other areas of your life
  • Boost creativity
  • Aid problem-solving abilities
  • Connect with your spiritual guides and helpers
  • Create a sense of creative achievement and enjoyment
  • Overcome blocks and move away from bad habits
  • Create balance and harmony between the body and mind
  • Open the heart chakra
  • Promote spiritual and personal development 

So what does this mean for your social media? 

Let’s take a closer look at a couple of the benefits. 
Slow the mind – I don’t know about you but being on social media all the time for my business can make me feel a bit whizzy. That fast-paced every changing environment can quickly make me feel overwhelmed. Slowing the mind makes a delightful change. 
Raise your mood and vibration – Have you ever noticed how when you’re in a bad mood it seems to come through in what you create no matter how much you try not to let it show? The better our mood, the better the content we create and the better this is for our social media feed!
Boost creativity – We’ve all got to get creative these days if we want to get noticed online. Letting your inner artist free with Mandala art will help you to explore your creativity in your business. This will show in the image your use and the content you write. 

Want to give Mandala art a go? 

I’ve got the perfect way for you to get started. My FREE Summer Mandala Online Tutorial. Here I take you step by step to draw a summer themed mandala just like the one in the picture below. 
Create Summer Mandala Art

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Sarah Cornforth - Magikal Creatrix
Sarah Cornforth is the owner of The Magickal Creatrix. Sarah began creating art as a form of personal and spiritual development, and now she produces and sells her original works. Her art is guided by her interest in the esoteric, occult and ancient origins and she prides herself on bringing a unique touch of magick to her work. 
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