Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a formula you could follow that would allow you to perfect your Facebook strategy overnight?

I’m afraid no magic formula exists, but, over time, it is possible for you to perfect your Facebook posts and use them to connect with your crowd in a meaningful way that will help you grow your business.

Let’s take a look at how you work towards that…

Does every post need to include a photo or video?

For a long time, the standard advice was that every post should include a photo or a video. If you didn’t include multimedia in your posts you could well find that your reach was disappointingly low, no matter how great the content was.

The algorithm, which is what decides what each of us sees in our Newsfeed, has come a long way since those days. It now recognizes personal preferences and past behaviour, making each of our feeds more customized to our individual interests.

Nowadays, simple text posts can actually outperform videos and photos – providing that the content is awesome!

Different people like to consume information in different ways

Not everyone enjoys watching a video and some people won’t even glance at an image if they are drawn to the text.

If you’re only posting video and/or photos then you could be missing out on an opportunity to get more eyes on your posts.

People have different preferences at different times

Not only do different people have different preferences in terms of the content they consume, individuals also have different preferences depending on what they are doing at any particular moment.

Let’s say someone is a video lover but they are flicking through their Facebook Newsfeed on the bus. If they don’t have headphones to hand they may not want to turn the sound on and, if they don’t see your video again in their feed or they forget to go back and find it when they are in a position to watch, then they’ve missed your message. If you also had a text post or a link to a blog circulating, then you’ve increased your chances of keeping that person’s attention and they still have an opportunity to consume your content.

Begin to think about how you can present the same message in different ways, although not necessarily at the same time. For example, if you’ve recorded a video blog on topic X then could you then write that up in a blog post? Could you then condense it into a text post on Facebook? Or perhaps you could pick out some of the key points and turn them into top tips.

As well as improving your reach, this strategy reinforces your message and, as a result, it is likely to make more impact. Most people need to hear the same message, in different ways, for it to really sink in.

Every element of your post should add value

If you’re struggling to find a suitable image to include a particular Facebook post then it could be because that post simply doesn’t need an image to get the message across.

Avoid adding extra elements to your posts simply because you feel you should. Instead, ask yourself what value that element adds to the post. Is the image you attach going to reinforce your message, make things clearer for your crowd or help to grab their attention in the Newsfeed? If not, perhaps the post would work better without.

A great example is when you’re posing a question to your followers. Questions are a great way to start meaningful conversations on your page. However, if you stick an image onto that post, with no real purpose, then it could actually hold your followers back from engaging. Is that branded image you’re attaching going to make the question feel like market research rather than genuine interest? If so, you might prefer to opt for a simple text question that your crowd will find more relatable and will encourage them to open up.

Focus on serving your crowd

If you want one golden rule to guide you when you’re creating your Facebook Posts, let it be this: Focus on service.

The best Facebook strategies focus on serving their crowd and delivering value in every post. The business results will come as a byproduct and, you will soon find that you are attracting a crowd of customers who are truly invested in your message and what you do for them.

Concentrate on getting your message in front of the right people consistently and remember, reach isn’t the end game… customers are.

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