Memes have become a mainstay of social media and a popular feature of many businesses’ social media strategies. Their very popularity, however, means that if you’re not smart about how you use memes then your content can easily fade into the background.

In case you’re not sure what a meme even is, the Oxford dictionary defines it as “an image, video, piece of text etc. typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by internet users.”

If you’ve spent any time at all on social media then you will have spotted a funny meme or two in your time but businesses are also using memes to motivate, inspire and provoke their audiences. A good meme can spread like wildfire so, if you get it right, you have the potential to not only engage your existing audience around your message but also reach a whole new audience through your content being shared.

Creating Stand Out Memes

So how hard is it to create truly stand out memes and use them to engage your crowd and elevate your brand? Easier than you might think! Here are 3 pro tips to help you do exactly that:

  1. Create your own memes rather than sharing others
    Select quotes that will truly resonate with your crowd, choose images that fit with your brand and incorporate your business’s colours and fonts. There’s nothing wrong with sharing posts from other people and pages every once in a while, but memes will add far more value to your marketing strategy if you invest the time in to create your own. And, if you are going to share other people’s memes as well then please do so in an ethical way.  It’s not OK to save someone else’s image to your computer and re-upload it.
    Use the share button and tag the original creator in your post to give them credit for their work.   Respect other people’s content in the same way you would want them to respect your own.
  2. Be consistent, but not boring!
    Staying on brand by using consistent colours, fonts and images will help people to recognize and remember your brand and, therefore, your business.
    The trick is to keep your visuals consistent without allowing them to become boring or predictable.  If all of your memes look the same, then sooner or later people will become blind to them in their newsfeed. You can avoid this by having a variety of ‘on brand’ templates that you create from an evolving your brand with small tweaks over time.
  3. Use your memes to start conversations
    Sharing a pretty meme with a lovely inspirational quote is all well and good but what value is that really going to bring to your business and your crowd?  The visual you create should really be a starting point for the rest of your post.   Think carefully about the text you are going to include with each meme.

For example, if the meme you’re sharing is an inspirational quote you could explain to your audience why you picked that quote, what ideas it sparks for you and what they might take from it.

Make the message as memorable as the meme!

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