From time to time there’s a post that does the rounds on Facebook along the lines of – If you want to keep seeing my posts you need to like and comment on this post to let Facebook know you’re interested.

The most recent post that is popping up all over Facebook goes something like this: “Congratulations, you’re a winner. You’re one of the 7% who will see this post…please like & comment so you see more…”

Now I completely understand why people are sharing posts like this and I know that for some they have given a quick hit of engagement and improved reach.

The problem we’re all facing on Facebook is that only a fraction of the people who like your Page will see each post and that can be frustrating. But it’s nothing new. Facebook first introduced an algorithm to the Newsfeed back in 2011 and now uses a machine learning algorithm to determine who sees each of your posts.

That is a good thing! Without an algorithm to filter the posts in your feed, you would be overwhelmed by posts hundreds, if not thousands, of posts from your friends and Pages you follow and you would forever be missing posts that you really wish you had seen. As a Page admin, it would be equally frustrating because the people who really care about your posts would often miss them. More eyes on your posts aren’t better if those eyes aren’t interested. And just because someone liked your Page once upon a time doesn’t mean that they are interested now.

But posting something like the “congratulations you’re a winner” post to remind people you’re there and get them to re-engage can only be a good thing surely?

Unfortunately, a one-off boost in engagement isn’t going to do a lot to improve your overall reach. In fact, if people engage with that one post and then switch off again and don’t engage with future posts, it’s sending another signal to Facebook that they aren’t all that interested in seeing your posts.

And whilst there will be people who jump in to be supportive, there will also be those people who find the post a turn-off and take the opportunity to unlike your Page altogether.

So what’s the alternative?

  • Take the time to really understand what your crowd want and need to hear from you.
  • Invest time in creating posts that they will find truly engaging.
  • Show up consistently – it takes time to build relationships and that’s what it really takes to get organic reach and engagement with your posts.
  • Know that it is still possible to reach people without gimmicks and that genuine engagement will bring so much more value to your business than this type of one-off engagement.

Organic reach isn’t dead on Facebook, in fact far from it. The sooner you embrace the algorithm and see that it actually helps great content to reach the right people at the right time, the sooner you can start working with it rather than fighting against it.

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