The secret to finding your way on social media and being able to use this incredibly powerful tool to market your business with confidence lies in having a social media strategy.

That absolutely does not mean that you need to spend hours upon hours creating a stuffy marketing plan that will simply be filed away and forgotten about.

Social media strategy is about taking a step back and thinking through the steps you’re going to take on social media to get you closer to achieving your goals in business.  It’s about creating a simple and easy to follow a map that will keep you moving in the right direction. It will even make your journey more enjoyable!

Knowing where to start

One of the reasons I absolutely love social media is that it has changed the game for aspiring entrepreneurs. Gone are the days where you needed to find the money to set up a website, have flyers printed or pay for adverts in the paper before you could start advertising your business. Now anyone can jump online, get a social media account set up and start spreading the word about their business within a matter of minutes.

Social media gives us a voice and a platform from which we can turn our business dreams into reality!

How amazing is that?

That being said, getting started is usually the easiest step and there are lots of quick wins to be had at the beginning. You can invite your friends and family to like your page, you can receive instant feedback and you may even generate some sales right off the bat.

It’s easy to get started without any kind of plan or strategy, but it is much harder to progress without one.

Planning for success

You can find a complete step-by-step guide to creating your social media strategy in my book, The Social Media Handbook for Soulful Entrepreneurs, but here I want to start by drawing your attention to the three essentials elements that will set you on the path to social media success:

1. Deciding what you want to achieve
2. Learning what makes your ideal clients tick.
3. Getting crystal clear on your message

Spend some time working through these three points and you will be well on your way to creating a super effective social media strategy.

Knowing when it’s time to change gear

Like so many aspects of business, social media marketing strategy is a job that’s never really finished. As you learn and advance you will find that you need to adapt and evolve your strategy.

Knowing when to pivot and make changes is a tricky business and relies on you keeping a close eye on what’s happening on your own pages and in the wider world of social media. You can do that with ease by:

⦁ Listening to what your ideal clients are telling you and asking for
⦁ Using the analytics on your social media accounts to test out your strategy – do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t.

You can find stacks of advice on uplevelling your social media strategy over in this >> blog post <<

You’ll also find a handy guide to reviewing your social media marketing >> here <<

Keep your social media map handy

My hope is that you will work through the resources I’ve signposted in this article and use these to create your very own super successful social media strategy.

One final piece of advice I want to leave you with is this; whatever form your strategy takes, whether it’s a word document, a Trello board, a spreadsheet, a bunch of post-it notes on your office wall, this should be a working document.

Your strategy will only work for you if you continue to learn from what works, what doesn’t and what your crowd feedback to you, and feed this insight into your plan. Updating your plan little and often will keep you on track, avoid repeating unnecessary mistakes and stop you from wasting time on strategies that aren’t working for your business.

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