When you’re talking to your crowd through your marketing, whether it be on social media, in your blog posts or through your email newsletter, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of talking at them rather than to them.

This can manifest in a couple of ways;

  1. You talk about who you are and what you do, rather than who your customers are and how you can help them.
  2. You don’t use their language; instead, you use industry jargon or marketing terms that don’t carry a great deal of meaning for your customers.

If you have an inkling you’re falling into one or both of these traps then you won’t be on your own (this is one that comes up with my clients all the time!).

You can read more about ditching the jargon and breaking down barriers in this blog post.

Speak to the needs of your customers

If you’ve spotted places where you’re not speaking directly to your customers in a language that they’re comfortable with then it’s time to switch your professional glasses for customer goggles.

Whether you’re a retailer, a consultant, a teacher, a therapist, an accountant, a coach…that’s your profession. No doubt you are knowledgeable and experienced in your field of expertise and yes, credibility is important, but what your customers really care about is how you can help them.

There is some need you provide for or problem you solve for your customers. Your marketing needs to speak to that. It needs to make your crowd believe that you truly understand their need or their problem.

In fact, sometimes your followers might not even realise that need or problem exists! They may need you to educate them so that they can recognise it and understand the benefits of what it is you have to offer.

Let’s say you’re a hypnotherapist. You can tell me all day long about your qualifications and experience, how much your service is and how I can book, but if I don’t know what problem or need hypnotherapy is going to help me with and how it’s going to make me feel then I’m unlikely to ever make a booking.

When you sit down to create content for your marketing, always make sure that you have your customer goggles on. Every post that you create should speak directly to their wants and needs, in some way or another. If you feel inclined to share your professional experience, qualifications, or even details of the product or service that you offer then do it from the perspective of your customer goggles;

Why does your customer need to know this and why should they care?

This often comes down to helping your customers to overcome the barriers that are holding them back from purchasing.

Perhaps they’ve had a bad experience in the past that has made them wary; do they need to hear about qualifications and experience? Or perhaps they’re more concerned with knowing what to expect from your product or service?

The point is, they don’t want or need to see your CV or hear the ins and outs of your product or service just for the sake of it. If you give them this information, it should add value to them and serve a purpose by bringing them a step closer to buying from you.

Over to you!

Head over to social media and check out your bios or the about section on your Facebook Page. Are you speaking to your customers’ needs and wants? Or are you talking about yourself and your business?

Then have a look through your recent posts; are you creating content that will resonate with your crowd and build your relationships with them, or are you separating yourself from the crowd and creating barriers between you and them?

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