Summer is right around the corner and, whatever business you are in, there are opportunities for you to take advantage of the change in season in your marketing.

When it comes to social media, not only do people talk about and take interest in different things during the summer but they also change their social media habits.

Facebook tells us that;

  • People post more summer-related photos, videos and photos from their phones, particularly younger users and parents.
  • More people check in at restaurants, pubs and bars, landmarks, arts and entertainment venues, hotels and beaches.
  • The most popular topics of conversation are family and friends, the outdoors, food and weather.

If you’d like even more insight into the changing habits of Facebook users during the summer months, I highly recommend checking out Facebook’s Great British Summertime Infographic.

Add A Spot Of Sunshine To Your Social Media Posts

Knowing the topics that your crowd are likely to be interested in right now can help you to create content that grabs their interest. It also gives you the opportunity to speak to them in a conversational and relevant way, which is much more engaging than simply broadcasting a message with no regard for what’s going on in your followers’ worlds.

Here are some ideas and prompts to help you bring a touch of summer to your social media posts:

  • Use the weather to share an insight into your world. For example, if it’s sunny and you’re working outside then take a picture to share with your crowd and ask them where they’re working today.
  • Start a conversation by asking your crowd questions related to summer; what’s your favourite thing about summer? If you could travel to anywhere this summer, where would it be? What’s the best holiday you’ve ever been on?
  • Share something that will help people enjoy their summer holiday. For example, you could recommend some fantastic holiday reads or podcasts for people to take away with them (they could be business-related or not, depending on your crowd).
  • If your crowd are going to have children at home with them over the summer holidays, what can you do to make their lives easier? Rainy day activities, ideas for days out, self-care tips, advice on balancing work and family time, family recipes, guided meditations; those are just a few ideas to get you started!

Encourage People To Check In

If you have a physical brick and mortar business, such as a bar, restaurant, shop or attraction, then make the most of the fact that visitors are more inclined to check in during the summer months. For example, you might put a sign up encouraging visitors to check in and offer a little incentive if they do so.

Check-ins are more valuable than you might think; not only do they help your business get seen by a wider audience (the friends of the person who checked in) but they will also appear on your page, in much the same way as a review.

Don’t Forget To Prepare For Your Own Summer Holiday

If you’re going to be away on holiday at any point over the summer, be sure to start planning early and put things in place to ensure its busy as usual whilst you’re away…

7 Steps To Get Your Social Media Holiday Ready

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