I’m always harping on about re-using and repurposing the content you create for social media! The reason why? You pour time, effort and possibly even money into creating each piece of content so it makes sense that you should squeeze every bit of value out of it.

So, let’s take a look at how you can repurpose your Facebook Live videos to get maximum value from them!

Sharing your Facebook Live videos on other social media platforms

The most obvious way to repurpose your Live videos is to share them on other platforms. The easiest way to do this is to upload them to your YouTube channel and then share the YouTube link across different platforms.

Watch this short video for a step-by-step guide to downloading your Facebook Live videos:

Once you have downloaded your broadcast, you have the choice to upload it straight to YouTube or play around with a bit of editing. For example, if you’ve spent a little bit of time at the beginning of the video waiting for viewers to jump on and join you live, you might edit that out (I use iMovie or Movavi for Mac. If you’re a Windows user you can do basic video editing in Windows Movie Maker).

Separate the audio and use it as a podcast

We’re all different when it comes to consuming content, and some people are more inclined to listen rather than watch. Once you’ve downloaded your video, you can easily separate the audio from the video in a programme like iMovie and save the audio out as a podcast.

Use the Live video as the basis for a blog post

Even if you start out with a script or an outline of what you plan to say, on a Live broadcast you can often find yourself expanding on points or taking the conversation in a slightly different direction than you had planned. You don’t have the luxury of retakes, as you do with a pre-recorded video, which is actually a positive as you can find yourself covering more ground than you expected to.

Listen back to the broadcast, note down the key points, and then use those notes to write up a blog post. If you have a hard time listening back to your own videos, or you don’t have the time, there are lots of services out that will transcribe your video for you. Your job then is just to read it back and edit it into a blog post!

Use the Live video in an existing blog post

As I said, different people like to consume content in different ways. Joining the dots for them, by linking your content together, can help you keep your crowd engaged.

For example, if you’ve written a blog post about a specific topic and then at some point you’ve done a Facebook Live around that same topic, consider downloaded the Live video, uploading it to YouTube and then embedding the YouTube version within your blog post. That way, if someone comes across the blog post, is interested in the topic but isn’t a big reader, you don’t immediately lose their interest because there’s also a video right there for them to watch. The added benefit of doing this is that it reinforces your point and helps people to better understand, as some people will be happy to both read the blog and watch the video.

Give your subscribers chance to catch up in your newsletter

Give people that chance to catch up on your fabulous content! Most email clients don’t support embedded video, so I recommend linking to either the original Facebook Live or the YouTube version of the video.

This also gives you the opportunity to let people know when your next broadcast will be so that they don’t miss out again, helping you to get more people tuning in Live.

So there you have it, at least five ways you can re-purpose your Facebook Live videos and get even more value out of your content with very little effort!

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