If someone were to stumble across your Instagram account for the first time today, would it be obvious to them what your account is about? And, assuming that they are your target audience, would they be compelled to hit the follow button?

If the answer is no, or you’re not sure, now’s the time to think about developing a ‘theme’ for your Instagram account. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of an Instagram Theme – I’m going to explain what that actually means and how to start creating your own.

What Is An Instagram Theme?

It’s really just a bit of jargon that boils down to you creating a consistent look and feel on your Instagram account.

The whole point of a “theme” is to grab the attention of an appeal to your target audience, to entice them to hit the follow button and get them to stick around because they LOVE your content.

  • It needs to be clear to people what your account is about
  • It’s about more than being pretty – particularly for businesses.
  • As a business, there needs to be substance behind your posts.
  • Just like any other social media platform, it’s about creating meaningful connections and building relationships.

Let’s take a closer those four points and the key considerations you need to make when you’re planning your posts…

Substance Over Style

This is a point well worth repeating – a successful Instagram strategy is about more than being pretty.

It’s all well and good creating a beautifully curated feed but if there’s no substance behind your posts then your efforts are not going to deliver a great deal of benefit to your business.

Take some time to get crystal clear on what your message is and then you can think about how you can communicate that in a visually appealing way.

Keep It On Brand

It’s no good creating something that looks visually stunning on Instagram but has no ties to the rest of your online presence as that’s not going to help you build brand awareness or grow your business beyond Instagram.

The colours and fonts you use and the style of photography (whether that’s original photos or stock images) should be the starting point for your “theme”. You can then add additional elements that are specific to Instagram, such as a certain filter that you use consistently, a border around your images, or a pattern in how your posts appear in your feed.

Don’t Get Stuck in Perfectionism

Your theme is there to unify your feed, help you to stay on brand and share your message in a consistent way. It shouldn’t become a hindrance or a restriction.

For example, some people love having a structure or pattern to follow when publishing their posts and the results can look great. But I’ve seen other people become totally stuck when they’ve tried to stick to a pattern and it’s made them less consistent, rather than more.

Find what works for you!

If you don’t want to follow a pattern, as such, then you don’t necessarily have to.

You should also feel free to experiment and evolve the look and feel of your Instagram feed over time.

For more advice on how to nail your Instagram strategy, check out this blog post: How To Make Instagram Work When You Don’t Have Any Photos

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