As your presence on social media grows, there will be times when you begin to feel that you’re ready to take things to the next level. I call this up levelling or, to put it another way, evolving your strategy.

You have reached the point where you have a solid foundation in place; you have an engaged audience and you’re posting consistently. That’s not to say that your audience is huge or that you’re posting vast amounts of content; the key words here are engaged and consistent.

You will reach this point more than once.

When you first start out on social media, you will be focused on setting up your platforms, building a small audience and learning what to post on your pages. At the point where you’re comfortable with this, you are ready to up level.

That means reflecting on how things are going so far; what’s working well, what’s not working so well? Where are you using your time efficiently? Where does it feel like your time is being drained or wasted?

The important question to ask is; what can I do now to build on my foundation and make things grow? That growth could include;

  • Followers
  • Engagement on your posts
  • Organic reach
  • Direct sales
  • Traffic is driven to your website

What growth looks like for your business will depend on your goals. So knowing what you want to achieve from social media is essential for you to be able to plot the steps you will take to move to the next level.

Growing pains are a positive sign!

Each time you step your social media strategy up a gear you may well find that things feel harder for a time. You will probably find yourself investing more time into your social media marketing and some things will fall into your path that you’re not sure how to deal with (yet).

These are simply growing pains and they are positive. They mean that you’re challenging yourself and pushing your business into new territories. If you shy away from up levelling and stick to your comfort zone then your strategy will become stagnant. Your audience won’t grow, which means that you will be selling to the same audience all the time. At best, this limits the potential of your business to grow and at worst it risks sales eventually drying up.

The good news is that over time you will become comfortable with your strategy again, you’ll enjoy a period of consolidating everything you’ve put into place until you reach the point where you need to up a level once again.

You don’t have to go it alone… in fact, you really mustn’t.

Now, this may sound a little backwards, but the more you advance your social media strategy the more you will find yourself needing to ask for help.

Think about it this way; when you first start out on social media you might be unsure of how to set up a Twitter account, for example. It’s relatively easy to find this information out through a quick Google search, a glance at Twitter’s help centre or watching a few YouTube videos. Once you have everything set up, you’ll turn your attention to content and perhaps tips and tricks that can help you avoid common mistakes and get a few quick wins. You’ll find stacks of information to help you in blogs, articles and social media… in fact, I share stacks of free content that will help you with exactly that!

As you become more advanced the help that you need is more than just tips, tricks and how-tos. It becomes much more individual to your business. Those tips and tricks that you relied on in the beginning will only take you so far; the next step is to truly understand what’s working for your business on social media at any given time and how to use that insight to take your forward.

I absolutely encourage you to start getting to grips with the Analytics that are built into your social media accounts but don’t underestimate the value of having a second pair of eyes on your strategy.

A second pair of eyes isn’t a substitute for you looking at the stats and reviewing your own strategy, but it will help you progress faster. A second pair of eyes on any element of your business is valuable because it means a fresh perspective, new ideas and a critical eye.

More than that, looking at analytics data to measure progress is one thing but knowing how it fits into wider trends and what to do with the insight you gather is another. Building a partnership with a social media professional who has their finger on the pulse of social media trends and is experienced in social media analytics and strategy building will allow your business to grow faster, give you the peace of mind that you’re not missing out or making costly mistakes, and free up you time to focus on other areas of your business.

Are you ready to up a level?

If reading post this has made you realise that you’re standing still, sat firmly in your comfort zone on social media, then it’s time for you to up level.

Whether you’re early on in your journey or you feel more advanced on social media, I can help you to gain clarity and create an action plan to guide you through your next stage of evolution. You can find out more about booking a 1-2-1 strategy call here or feel free to drop me an email if you’re unsure what you need to do next.

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