Social media is always evolving but I know it can feel a little overwhelming at times. Just as you think you’ve got your head around everything, something new pops up and the learning starts all over again.

To help you get one step ahead, I’ve rounded up all the latest social media developments and a sneak peak of what to look forward to in 2017. No need to feel daunted or overwhelmed though, remember;

  • You don’t need to use every platform and every tool that’s out there to market your business, only the ones that are going to help you achieve your goals.
  • Help is always on hand! I’ll be keeping you updated throughout the year about new developments on social media and how you can use them in your business in the best possible way.
  • There’s no need to tackle everything all at once. Some of these updates are happening right now but others may not be rolled out until later in the year. Either way, focus on getting to grips with one tool / feature / platform at a time before you start trying to master anything else.


  • You can already save Facebook posts to come back to later, but you can now save things you find elsewhere on the web and they will be added to your saved posts on Facebook. The easiest way to do this is to download the Save Any Page Google Chrome Extension. Some websites are also beginning to add a ‘save to Facebook’ button that will make the process even easier.

A number of new Facebook Live features are also being tested amongst selected users and will hopefully be rolled out to everyone later this year, including;

  • Live Audio – this is going to be great for attracting people who prefer listening to a podcast, rather than watching a video.
  • Live Video Tab – currently being rolled out to US users, this new feature will make it easier for people to discover your Lives and make it easier for you to follow the pages you like.
  • A new tool which will allow you to draft your Facebook Live post and schedule it in advance.
  • Improved comment moderation, with the ability to filter comments based on certain words.
  • Status bar during Lives, which will allow you to keep an eye on things like the strength of your broadcast signal.
  • Broadcast trimming, allowing you to edit the recording of your Live broadcast.


  • Pinterest has rolled out a new ‘tried and true’ feature, which means a green smile icon will now appear on pins that have been given the stamp of approval by other users. Not only could this help you avoid Pinterest fails (yey!), it could add extra credibility to your own pins and help you to reach more people.
  • Add a Showcase to your Pinterest profile to highlight your best content; the new rotating showcase sits right at the top of your profile and you can choose up to five boards to feature.


  • Like comments on your Instagram posts by tapping the heart icon next to the comment. This is a great way to foster engagement and acknowledge your followers.
  • Add more context to your Instagram Stories with a customizable sticker; choose from things like date, time, location and even emojis.
  • You can now record a video for Instagram Stories by tapping the record button just once (you no longer have to press and hold), which could make it much easier for you to record videos when your hands aren’t free or you don’t want to hold the camera steady whilst you talk.
  • Save posts you’d like to return to later simply by tapping the post, which will save it to a new private tab on your profile. A great way to save things you’d like to re-share or ideas that you want to come back to.
  • Instagram Live – you’ll soon be able to go live on Instagram, just like you can on Facebook. Instagram Live is currently being rolled out and you’ll find it in Instagram Stories when it becomes available.


2017 is going to be an exciting year for social media and, more importantly, for your business, since there’s going to be even more ways to get your business seen by your ideal clients!

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