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How would it feel to have a whole library of ideas to inspire your social media content delivered directly into your inbox for just £5 a month?!

How awesome would it be if you knew what was going to trend on social media weeks in advance so that you could plan content around that event or topic and be part of the buzz?!

What if you were amongst the first to know about the latest social media features AND you were given the knowledge and ideas so that you could make the most of those hot new features right away?

What if I were to tell you that you could have all of that and more delivered straight to your inbox every single month for just £5?!

The Social Media Accelerator will land in your inbox on the 28th of every month, complete with:

  • Updates on the latest social media developments, including new and upcoming features to help you get ahead of the crowd.
  • A printable monthly calendar with an overview of events to tap into throughout the month ahead.
  • A guide to all the social media campaigns relating to that month’s events so that it’s super easy for you to be part of the buzz on social media! You’ll know what hashtags to use, which social media accounts to interact with and ideas of what to post. This is a fantastic way to reach more people, gain exposure for your business and put a fresh and exciting spin on your social media posts!

Sign up today and you will receive this month’s Accelerator email TODAY – no waiting, you can get started straight away! Just be sure to have a notebook at the ready because you’re going to be brimming with ideas of what to post on social media before the day is out!

There’s no contract and you’re free to cancel at any time, no questions asked.

Just reading November’s email and it’s awesome!  This would take me ages to find the important dates alone that you’ve listed.  Can see lots of dates with relevance for my business and for clients’ businesses too. Lots of other things I didn’t know about too, this is going to be a great resource – brilliant Beckie 👏🙌😍!

Allison Christie

Tick The List

Beckie, I bloomin love your social media accelerator! You’re my fave social media chic EVER!!  xx

Sarah Cornforth

The Productivity Princess

Just read my accelerator email & LOVE it!! So helpful and lots of ideas pinging as i was reading it! Amazing product! thank you x

Orielle Taylor

Orielle Taylor Coaching

Thank you Beckie, I do love this!!!!!!

I’ve been so excited for it to hit my inbox this month, especially with all the changes taking place on Facebook just now! 

You make my job so much easier and save me a whole heap of time, amazing value xx

Kristina Smith

Kristina Smith Virtual Business Support

I work extremely closely with Beckie on my Social Media strategy on an ongoing basis.  Her advice is absolutely priceless in supporting me running my business and continuing to evolve in a busy market place.  I have signed up to her Accelerator email and received the first months email and I gotta say the quality and value in there is absolutely amazing.  I will be drawing from that email on a regular basis.  You don’t need to spend hours hunting for key dates and what’s working right now – she delivers it all to you – TRULY AWESOME and your business will thank you for this investment over and over again (and it’s only a fiver)

Emma Holmes

Rebels & Rockstars

Beckie Coupe wow! I have just read the first email and it’s amazing! I love it already! xx

Jo Lewis

Take Note VA

The Accelerator has been the BEST item I have spent my advertising budget on in 2017. It has so many useful tips and ideas – it’s priceless. 

Helen Pretty

Pretty Amazing Things

Who is Beckie Coupe?

Beckie is a social media expert, founder of Infinity and author of The Social Media Handbook for Soulful Entrepreneurs.

Having worked in social media marketing for over a decade, I am on a mission to give you the confidence and the know-how to use social media in a way that is soulful, successful and sustainable. So that you can use it to build the business of your dreams! I will help you show up, stand out and shine online 💗

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