The Social Media Marketing Handbook for Soulful Entrepreneurs

The Complete Guide To Creating A Soulful and Successful Social Media Strategy!

Social media has the power to turn your business dream into a reality. It enables us to get our message out into the world and connect with the people we are here to help and support.

But it can also be a minefield. New social media platforms, new features and new social media gurus pop up every single day. Some platforms make our heart sing, get our ideal clients talking, and work like a dream. Others just seem too complicated to bother with.

So where do you even start with social media? Right here! This social media handbook is written for soulful entrepreneurs and business owners who want to build an incredibly successful business infused with integrity and overflowing with passion.

It’s a step-by-step, easy to follow and simple to implement guide (written by a Social Media Manager with a decade of hands-on experience) where you’ll learn how to:


  • Create your own soulful social media strategy (without the icky sales hustle that makes you squirm).
  • Discover the importance of looking after your ideal clients.
  • Create content that sparks conversations and turns your fans into paying customers.
  • Stay sane on social media.
  • Monitor, develop and grow your social media presence (without having to sell your soul).

This book is more than just a ‘book’ it is an investment for your business. A handbook that you can return to on more than one occasion.

It has been written with a clear direction, and that is to help entrepreneurs reach their full potential when it comes to their social media. It is superbly written and in a way where it feels like Beckie (the author) is talking directly to you.

If you run your own business then this should be on the top of your list of things to purchase, this will help you work out the best strategy for you and your business. If you are frustrated with your social media then this is the book for you.

You really wont be disappointed!

Claire Bourke

Remote Admin Services

The thing I love about this handbook is that it caters for every entrepreneur who handles their own social media no matter what stage they are at!

I have been properly working on my own business’s social media strategy for the last 2 years but reading the book was like undertaking a big review of all I’m currently doing and have done. It really helped me check in with what my goals are for using each social media platform (easily forgotten when you are in the day to day routine of creating Facebook posts, tweets and so on!) Rather than reading the book thinking “yes I’ve done that, I’ve done that too,” I ended up making pages of notes of ideas.

Beckie’s advice will really help you streamline your marketing methods on social media and help you understand what really works, no gimmicks!

If you are new to using social media for business rather than pleasure this book will be invaluable. If you already have experience of promoting your business through social media it will be an asset to help you strengthen and improve what you are already doing! As we all use social media every day it’s so easy to think “I’ve got this covered, I know what I’m doing” but what I’ve learned is there is so much more to learn!

Helen Tomlinson

Dance Fit with Helen

Beckie’s book is simple and straightforward and an easy read. But don’t let that fool you into thinking its basic or only for the real beginner. It covers why social media is important, how you can use it successfully in your business and has effective ideas for creating engaging content. It also has some suggestions for managing content so that you’re making the most of your assets. It isn’t designed to show you the tech of each platform because they change so often.

I think it’s an inspiration for anyone starting out, anyone frustrated by social media or people who plain just lost their way online. It’s a book you can dip back into when you’re feeling stuck.

Kathy Payne

Hormone Health and Fertility

This book does what it says on the front! I purchased it recently and could not put it down, it is a handbook in every sense of the word.

Want to get your social sussed, this book is for you!
Want to take the ickiness out of social media marketing, this book is for you!
Want to learn how to create amazing content, this book is for you!
Want to stay sane on social media, this book is for you!

It delivers exactly what it promises – I love it!

Victoria Lofthouse

Excel Virtual Assitance

About The Author

Having worked with social media since the early days of Facebook and Twitter way back in 2007, Beckie took the leap in 2014 and founded Infinity. Her mission? To help those with a dream of being in business make that their reality by harnessing the power of social media.

She’s worked with hundreds of business owners to give them the confidence to use social media and truly make it their own. To show up, stand out and shine online. To shout their message from the rooftops, attract their dream clients and create a business and a lifestyle that they adore!

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