Are you just about managing to fit social media in around all the other demands of being a busy business owner?

Do you hop on to Facebook when you have five minutes spare in the day, or perhaps you snap a quick picture for Instagram when as and when photo opportunities crop up?

Are there times when you realise you haven’t posted anything in a few days and start scrambling to find something, anything really, to put an end to the silence?

If this is where you’re at right now, then that’s absolutely OK (and you’re certainly not alone) but it’s time to think about how you can make your efforts on social media more consistent and far more effective. After all, you wouldn’t leave customer service until you had 5 minutes to spare, would you? So marketing shouldn’t be any different.

Creating Your Own Social Media Process

Now, this is something that’s going to be totally unique to you and your business, and it may involve a bit of trial and error for you to find a process that works for you. There is no one size fits all solution but here are a few key things you should take into account when creating your own social media process:

  • How often are you going to post?
    The key here is to be realistic – you need to be showing up often enough to build relationships with your followers but if you’re not realistic about the time you have to invest then it will be difficult to stay consistent.
  • What are you going to post?
    Investing some time into creating a social media strategy will allow you to many of the important decisions up front, including what you’re going to post, and will leave the time you have on a day-to-day basis free to create and source content and share it.
  • Find out which tools can help you get the job done.
    Social media scheduling tools allow you to schedule your posts in advance, so you don’t have to remember to post at set times and you schedule more than one post at a time, which is much more efficient. Here’s an insight into how I use ContentCal to schedule hundreds of social media posts every month!  Schedulers aren’t the only tools that can help you to save time and be more consistent. Things like Trello, Excel spreadsheets and even the notes app on your phone can help you to manage your content more efficiently.

Finding The Time To Get Ahead On Social Media

It’s all good and well talking about scheduling in advance but how on earth do you find the time to create a batch of posts to be able to schedule them, when you’re already struggling to find time for social media.

The thing is you are, more than likely, already spending (or perhaps wasting) more time on social media than you realise. Five minutes here and there is rarely just five minutes – there’s the time you spend logging into your accounts, then the time you’re staring at the screen trying to think of something to share, and, of course, there’s always the temptation to have a quick look through the newsfeed and before you know it five minutes has turned into half an hour.

If you group together those “five minutes” that are currently spread throughout your week into an hour on one or more days then you’ll be amazed at how much more you can get done, without, necessarily spending any extra time. Not least because once you get started the ideas will often flow much easier and more quickly.

If you want to be sure how much time you’re actually spending on social media and that it isn’t becoming a drain, consider tracking your time? I use Toggl to do this and, although I was pretty resistant at first (I was worried that time-tracking would be a faff and actually waste my time) it has actually made me more productive and it allows me to take an objective look at how I’m spending my time.

So, will you take on the challenge to streamline your social media process and start making better use of your time?

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