Are you beginning to sense that your Facebook page has stagnated?

Has engagement dropped off? Is your reach in the red?

Putting algorithms and organic reach to one side (you can read more about that over >> here << if you like), the real reason your page is beginning to feel like a ghost town could, in fact, be down to a less talked about epidemic…

Facebook blindness.

You see, you’ve probably been told time and time again that consistency is the key to your social media marketing success, and that is absolutely true. But, consistency is not about posting the same old same old. In fact, if you don’t mix things up from time to time then your crowd may well become blind to your posts in their Newsfeed.

Did you know that the average person scrolls through 300 feet of content on Facebook every day – that’s almost the height of the Statue of Liberty!

That means that people are flying through their Newsfeed and most posts are only getting a quick glance before the next flick.

Our job as marketers is to stop that thumb from flicking.

If you don’t grab a person’s attention within a matter of seconds, if not less, then you’ve lost the opportunity to get that person’s eyes on your post.

And this is where Facebook blindness is a real problem. You see, people are flicking through their Newsfeed so fast that if they think they’ve seen your post before then they are likely to scroll right past it. Unfortunately, that can easily happen by mistake.

For example, let’s say that you share top tips on your page regularly and, as many people do, you create a headline at the top of your posts that labels it top tip and/or you use the same or a similar image for all of your tips. When people are scanning through the Newsfeed, most won’t read the body of a post so if all that catches their eye is the words top tip and a post that looks very similar to the last tip they saw from your Page, they may well scroll past thinking they’ve seen that post before.

How To Grab Attention In The Newsfeed

So what’s the solution?

How do you balance consistency and keep things interesting and engaging in a feed that moves at lightspeed?

It’s actually easier than you might think. Let’s take the top tip example…

So you have a series of tips that you want to share but how can you avoid them getting lost and overlooked in the Newsfeed?

  • Consider how you’re formatting your posts. Rather than using the same format for every tip, think of ways to vary it. Some tips might be super short, whilst others may be expanded. Some may have a headline, like a top tip, whilst others may lead to a question.
  • Vary your imagery. Create more than one template for your top tip graphics so that you can add some variety into your visuals, whilst still staying on brand.
  • Use different types of content. Different people like to consume information in different ways. In fact, even individuals have different preferences depending on where they are and what they’re doing. So rather than sharing all of your tips as images, for example, mix it up and repurpose. Look at the content you have right now and pick out some that could be recorded as videos or expanded into blog posts.
  • Add examples or tell a story. Showing is always more powerful than telling so rather than just tell people to do something, how can you demonstrate the value of following your tip? For example, you could tell them how you practice this particular action in your own life. Not only does this make your post more engaging, it also makes it more valuable. If people get tangible results from following your tip then they’re much more likely to look out for your future posts.

Whilst I’ve used the example of top tips in this post because it’s such a popular form of content right now, you can apply these principles to just about any type of content you’re sharing on Facebook, or anywhere else on social media for that matter.

Time To Take Action

Take a look at your recent posts now and see if you can pick out any aspects of your content that are looking a bit samey and may be causing Facebook blindness amongst your crowd. How can you mix things up and add fresh interest and intrigue to your posts?

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