If you’re self-employed, you will know all too well the mixed emotions that start to appear as Christmas approaches. On one hand, you’re looking forward to taking a break from your business and spending time with your loved ones. On the other hand, you might be worried that your business will grind to a halt whilst you’re off enjoying the festivities.

But you absolutely can enjoy time away from your business. In fact, it’s essential that you do!

And, the secret to making it work? Planning ahead!

Social media is one part of the puzzle that you need to get in place before the crackers come out. Here’s my step-by-step guide to taking care of your social media over the holidays…

1. Decide when you’re going to finish work for Christmas

If you haven’t already decided on a finish date, do it now! It’s as simple as that, because once you know when you’re going to switch off you can plan backwards from there.

2. Decide when and how often you’re going to post

This is one of the most important decisions you need to make!

Think of your ideal clients first and foremost – will they be taking a break over Christmas? Even if they are, will they still be checking in on social media (most people will at some point!), do they still need your help, or perhaps they’ll need it even more?

Also bear in mind that if you disappear completely for a couple of weeks, you will may well have more work to do in January to build momentum back up.

Don’t worry at this stage about how you’re going to make it happen; we’re going to get to that. For now, just focus on the needs of your crowd and do what’s right for them…they’ll thank you for it!

3. Decide what you are going to post on social media

You now know when you’re going to finish for Christmas and when you want to be sending out social media posts. So, what exactly are you going to be posting during the festive break?Will it be business as usual? Or, do your ideal clients need something different from you at this time of year?

Think about what’s going to be really important to your crowd over Christmas. When they quickly log on to check social media over the holidays, what is it that they’re looking for? Are they feeling stressed and in need of some light relief? Do they need a little bit of help? Or perhaps they’d love the opportunity to share what they’ve been up to with your community?

If you’re still stuck for ideas about what to post over Christmas, >>> check this out <<<

4. Get your content ready to go

Do not leave it until the last minute to start creating your Christmas content!If you’re thinking you can knock together some social media posts on your last day of work, you may well find that something else crops up on the day that can’t wait until January. This is going to lead to you either not finishing for Christmas when you’d planned to or your social media will fall by the wayside.

Grab your diary right now and schedule some time for creating your social media content.

You don’t have to get it done all in one go; if you find it more manageable, plan an hour to brainstorm ideas, an hour to batch create memes and a couple of hours to pull everything together and draft your posts.

5. Schedule your social media posts in advance

If you don’t already use scheduling tools for your social media, they are about to become your new best friend! Scheduling your posts in advance will allow you to switch off over Christmas, safe in the knowledge that your crowd are still being nurtured and looked after on your social media platforms.Personally, I like to use ContentCal (for Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram), Tailwind (for Pinterest) and Facebook Publishing Tools.

6. Decide when you’re going to check in

It’s likely that you’re going to want to check in at some point, at least to make sure there’s no comments or messages going unanswered. If you’re not careful though, that quick check-in can turn into full-blown work and you will end up wasting some of your precious time off.Decide now when you’re going to check in and what that’s going to involve;


which days will you check in?
  • for how long? (set a timer and when it goes off, stop!
  • what will you be doing?
  • what will you not be doing?Having not only a plan but clear boundaries is essential!

Now you’re all set for a wonderful Christmas break! So go, eat, drink and be merry!

Watch this video for even more tips and advice to help you stay sane on social media over Christmas!

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