What is it like to work with a social media marketing coach?

Well, of course, I’m going to say that working with me is awesome but you don’t have to take my word for it! Here’s what some of my lovely clients have to say…

Beckie is the most sparkly and amazing social media guru and I’m so grateful to be working with her. Her eyes & strategical input in my social media is absolutely priceless. She is more than up to date when it comes to what’s working and what isn’t. Her reports are super easy to follow with amazing insights of both what is and what isn’t working and steps that you can take in order to continue to improve your social media. I am able to continue to buck the trend of declining organic reach on my Facebook page due to her input and my reach and engagement continues to grow. I wouldn’t be without Beckie’s input and I know that it would be super easy for my platform to stagnate without her help (and stagnant is smelly and no-one wants a smelly Facebook page)! I TOTALLY recommend working with Beckie if you want to enhance your presence, get to grips with trends and strategy and really be seen on Social Media. The knock on impact? I can serve my crowd to a much higher level – I don’t need to worry about analysing the boring analytics (it’s all there and brought together in a much less confusing way) and I can concentrate on other areas of my business. Really!! Hire her now! She’s epic!

Emma Holmes

Rebels & Rockstars

Working with Beckie to improve bookings for our holiday business has been great. She is so well organised and professional, she kept telling me I didn’t need to take notes and boy was she right – her follow up notes were comprehensive and really useful. She sent us some resources to try out and gave us the confidence we needed to improve our social media profile. We have started to get bookings via our facebook page and website so it is definitely working!!

Dave & Ali Kurley

Dolittle Holidays

My strategy call with Beckie has been worth extremely worthwhile. I now have a clear plan of what to post and how to mix posts to appeal to different audiences.

Not only that, I now post less frequently and have increased engagement significantly, so quality over quantity wins the day. Beckie certainly is your girl if you want clarity and focus in terms of what to do about your business’s social media.

Gill Wilkinson

GMW Interiors

I really enjoy working with Beckie on a strategy call. We are literally “hanging out together” getting rid of any fears regarding social media. No jargon – oh, no, just plain talking in language that makes sense and means something.
Time taken for an overview of existing activity, and in-depth conversation with regard to the way forward in easy bite-sized steps. Then comes the written feedback for you to digest and finally, a follow-up call!
Incredible value for money and support from someone that shares her vast, professional knowledge in a way that is best suited to your business needs!
Tracey Baxter

The Life Laundrette

My strategy call with Beckie was amazing. My social media wasn’t a mess as such but I’d lost my direction while trying to schedule in advance and remain consistent. I was also not what you would call a fan of Twitter and was just spraying posts out there and hoping for the best. I now have a great strategy in place and I’m using, and more importantly, enjoying Twitter on a daily basis. Having someone to feedback on where you are right now, what’s working, what’s not and what you should try in the future in priceless. I plan to come back for a strategy call every quarter to help keep me on track and make sure I’m spending my time in all the right places. Thank you Beckie xx

Sarah Cornforth

The Productivity Princess

Beckie stood out to me online as a positive, focused lady who knew the right things about the world of Social Media (specifically Facebook). I was looking for a go-to source which I trusted and who knew specific practical tools to help my business grow and stand out online. Beckie has fitted perfectly into the role I was looking for.

Following on from my strategy calls I now have a plan of action and a friendly approachable lady who can give the right pointers. I really enjoy Beckie’s Facebook live videos (which I watch over and over whilst I’m writing down the tips!) and the Accelerator has been the BEST item I have spent my advertising budget on in 2017. It has so many useful tips and ideas – it’s priceless. 

Thank you for your support and help so far – I can’t wait to share more in 2018.

Helen Pretty

Pretty Amazing Things

In the last year Beckie has helped me completely revamp my social media strategy and the results speak for themselves; more followers, more enquiries, more leads and more custom! I couldn’t ask for more! She has been on hand to answer any questions or worries every step of the way and fully understands my business and my needs. Not only has she helped me creatively but practically showing me how to become more efficient which is a necessity for every small business owner! I never hesitate to recommend Infinity Digital, thank you Beckie!

Helen McIntosh

Dance Fit with Helen

As a mum and business owner I understand the importance of sharing my message far and wide both on and offline to reach and support as many mums as I can. Instagram for me became another ‘social media platform’ I had to conquer and I avoided it like the plague!

I was so grateful to discover Beckie’s masterclass which is easy to digest and understand. I now feel like I have a grip on what I am doing to optimise my use of this popular media and thanks to Beckie I don’t feel so daunted and am actually enjoying it. I highly recommend this masterclass to anyone who, like me, wants to use Instagram effectively in their biz, Beckie really knows her stuff!

Clare Cogan

Clare Cogan Creating Calm

I have used Instagram for a couple of years in a non-committed way so knew the ins and outs…but I wanted something a bit more focussed for a strategy going forward.

I bought Beckie’s Instagram masterclass thinking it would just be one in depth video…WRONG! It is like an entire course!

Beckie leaves no stone unturned in how to best use Instagram for your business and, best of all, she makes it SO simple too. There are so many changes and everything’s so fast-paced in social media now that it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and even intimidated by it. Beckie teaches you not only where to start with it all but how to absolutely smash it too. Thank you, Beckie! Can’t wait for the next masterclass!

Carly Brown

The Dream Decoder

My strategy calls with Beckie were amazing and really have helped the huge Facebook page that I’m admin for as well as my own page! Definitely worth it as you really DO see great results and you know how to check out your progress and what is and isn’t working so you can boss your social media! Highly recommended!

Trudy Brookes

Awakening Touch

Working with Beckie on a Strategy Call was a very easy process. She was a fresh pair of eyes on my Social Media and had lots of tips and ideas on what I could be doing and improving on. I found the catch up call with her a few weeks later really useful as well.

Samantha Varland


Working with Beckie has given me clarity and structure around my social media strategy. Our strategy call drilled down into my business needs, targets and what social media approach would best serve my business crowd. She sent me a great template that I can update and use as my plan of action, simple to follow and update. She gave me loads of useful tips and advice and helped me really focus my limited time on whats going to give me the best results. Beckie is super lovely and approachable and, most important for me, knows her stuff! So glad I booked my 1:1! Thanks Beckie.

Orielle Taylor

Orielle Taylor Coaching

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