Anita McAloren from Ocean Coaching joins me on the blog to talk about compliments, testimonials and reviews, and how these hidden gems could supercharge your marketing.

Compliments, Reviews and Testimonials are an absolute gem of a marketing tool; best of all they are FREE!!

If a potential client is looking at your work, your business, your website, your social media or your products and services, they are more likely to buy and engage with someone who has others shouting about how fabulous they are and how fantastic their service or products are, than someone who has little or no positive engagement from their customers.

They will believe in you from the start

They will be happy to buy from you at your prices

They will see the value in your offering

They will see you are a key person of influence in your industry

They will realize quickly that you know your stuff

Accepting compliments and asking for testimonials from your customers are a sure fire way to boost business, increase your visibility and ultimately give your profit margins a big boost.

Why do we shudder, go red, have a flush, clam up, disbelieve others when someone says something complimentary or nice to us?

Why do we struggle to accept or believe in ourselves and our businesses’ products or services, when a client says ‘thank you’ or ‘that was a brilliant idea’, ‘you’ve helped me so much’, ‘your stuff is awesome’, ‘that food was the best I have tasted’, ‘what a great place you have here’, ‘your blog really resonated with me, loved your words’, at a business event when someone admires your outfit or change of hair and you struggle to accept it, etc. etc.

This is why….

LACK OF CONFIDENCE, SELF BELIEF, UNWORTHINESS, FEAR OF SUCCESS, LITTLE OLD ME, THEY ARE JUST BEING NICE MENTALITY, the Mind Monkeys are saying ‘they don’t mean that, they are only being nice, who are you to think you are so good?’

In general, we are not very nice to ourselves and not very good at taking compliments.  It is often a learnt behaviour, a massive fear of success, a hidden self-sabotage, and a major deep-seated confidence issue.

In NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) we talk about self-belief and confidence A LOT!

There are many reasons why we do not take compliments on board; confidence and self-esteem are key.

We often, without realising it, seek out judgment and reassurance from others, the permission or opinion that what we are doing is right or good value, for instance. When we do have a compliment offered to us we squirm, say thanks, offer a lame excuse (such as ‘you really helped me out today thank you’ we follow on with ‘well thanks but it’s what I do), the mind monkeys shout in our heads ‘they don’t mean it, they are just being nice’.

If we have convinced ourselves unintentionally that we will fail, we are incapable of success or reaching our goals, then it’s easier often to set ourselves up for disappointment. THIS IS NOT A GOOD FOUNDATION FOR A THRIVING BUSINESS.

Compliment yourself more! You know what you do and what you offer is good, so tell the world about it, say to yourself ‘I am darn good at this and I offer a superb service to all my customers’

Top Tips For Using Compliments, Testimonials & Reviews To Market Your Business

  • Ask your customers for feedback, focused testimonials or reviews (ask the customer to explain what brought them to you and how you helped them)
  • People love genuinely worded opinions, they do not need to be perfectly worded!  Client quotes and product reviews that are short and sweet are just as effective as a piece of writing.
  • If there is a photo of your customer on their social media enjoying or using your product, ask them if they can share it on your social media.
  • Share your reviews, testimonials and complimentary quotes on all your social media platforms.
  • Share in newsletters, blogs, website and future sales presentations.
  • Have a page on your website and business pages just for praise posts!
  • Keep them up to date and fresh; if they are a business add a logo (if they give permission)
  • Always compliment others, the more you do it, the more you will feel comfortable receiving them back!

So remember ‘achieving greatness is closer than you think..’

Signing off for now, off to rock my world as The Business Success Coach.

Have a great week in business! Go rock your world

Anita x

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