Michelle Emerson from Painless Online Publishing joins me on the blog to offer advice on overcoming the frustration of blog writing by uncovering juicy content ideas in unexpected places.

It’s really frustrating, isn’t it, when you’ve grabbed yourself a couple of hours for a blog-writing-binge and nothing happens. The blank screen… the twitching cursor goading you… the false starts… you get the picture.

So what can you do?

Well, first of all don’t beat yourself up. Just take a look at these 5 Saving Graces and you’ll easily unearth some fresh, juicy blog content that presses that WoW button.

Juicy Content #1 is lurking around in Google Analytics

If you’ve got Google analytics set up on your website, take a look at the questions or keywords people are typing in to get transported to your website. If they’re typing in ‘how to get rid of money blocks’, then there’s a potential blog title right there. Maybe sparkle it up a bit so it’s something like… ‘How to get rid of money blocks in 1 day, with ease, and never look back’.

Juicy Content #2 is prowling around in the real world

Lots of writers spend time in places like Starbucks, getting wired on Americanos, in the name of content creation. It’s great fodder for the imagination. Use your senses and your imagination here, and study their body language (obviously discretion is key here). You might be thinking, eh? how can I come up with something for my Online Business Manager blog from a coffee shop? Ah, well, watch the stressed out staff member behind the bar who’s trying to work the till, keep the drive-through flowing and fill the counter, all at the same time. Then think about opening your blog with a little story about the ‘stressed out coffee girl and how it got you thinking about the importance of having someone beside you to help you in your business’. Ta-da!

Juicy Content #3 is skulking around in the virtual world too

If your social media alerts are permanently switched on, you’ll dip in and out of it regularly and I’m sure you’ll get the odd juicy content trigger from time to time. So, rather than think, ‘Oh, that would be a great blog idea’ and five minutes later think, ‘Oh, what was that thing again?’ either keep a notebook on your desk for or keep a Word document open on your screen and start filling that up every time you have a little spark.

Juicy Content #4 hides in the newspaper

The Sunday papers, especially, are great for juicy content – and not just the gossip columns. Pick a broadsheet, rather than a tabloid and soak up everything from the headlines to the adverts and the dating columns. Keep your trusty notebook nearby and top it up as you read.

If you’re a bit of a word gatherer like me, write down some of the more impressive words you come across (and love), too. You will be surprised at how much juice can ooze from a broadsheet and a cup of tea session.

Juicy Content #5 is sitting amongst your tribe

Your juiciest content ideas come from your ideal clients. So ask them and your social media followers what they need help with, what their pain points are and what keeps them stuck more than anything else. And turn their answers into a blog.

You see, juicy content really is all around us. We just need to step back, open our eyes and ears and scratch beneath the surface.

Michelle Emerson is a writer, editor, content creator, and kindle book publisher who helps soulful entrepreneurs to share their inspirational messages with those who need to hear it.

You can follow her on Facebook by clicking here and you can visit her website by clicking here.

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